Beach letters

Beach letters - SPF
Beach letters

Sophie loved spending her summer days lounging on the sandy shore of her local beach. But she quickly learned that too much sun exposure can be harmful to her skin. That’s when she developed a new daily routine: she plops down on her towel, reaches into her beach bag, and applies a generous layer of SPF sunscreen all over her body.

One day, while lounging on the beach with her friend Hannah, they decided to solve the crossword puzzle they had brought with them. As they read through the clues, one word caught their attention – ‘Beach letters’. Hannah giggled, thinking it referred to letters people write in the sand, but Sophie immediately recognized the answer – SPF.

She explained to Hannah that SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and that it is the number that indicates how well a sunscreen will protect against ultraviolet (UV) rays. The higher the number, the better the protection. SPF is the ultimate beach letter – it can keep you from getting sunburned and keep your skin healthy for summers to come.

Hannah agreed, and they continued to enjoy their day on the beach, now with a newfound appreciation for their sunscreen and the crossword puzzle that reminded them to keep using it.