Barely beats

Barely beats - EDGES
Barely beats

As a seasoned detective, I approached the puzzle of discovering the answer to the crossword clue ‘Barely beats’ with a keen and analytical mind. At first, I considered that the answer might involve some form of competition or race, such as a photo finish or a sprint to the finish line. However, as I examined the pattern of the crossword grid more closely, I noticed that the clue was only four letters long, suggesting a more concise and precise solution.

Then it struck me: the word ‘edges’ perfectly encapsulated the concept of barely beating something. To edge out a competitor or opponent suggests a close and tense competition, where only the slightest advantage or difference can result in victory. The word ‘edge’ also has multiple meanings, which added an extra layer of intrigue and complexity to the crossword puzzle.

As I scribbled the answer ‘edges’ boldly in the crossword grid, I felt a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment as a detective. After all, there’s nothing quite like solving a challenging mystery or puzzle, one clue at a time.