Balanced - EVEN

Once there was a tightrope walker named Thomas who was known for his incredible balance. He walked across the highest tightropes without ever falling, always keeping both sides even.

One day, Thomas decided to challenge his audience. He asked them to solve a crossword puzzle he had created, with the final answer being a word that described his incredible talent.

The clue he gave was simple: “Balanced“.

As the audience scratched their heads and searched for an answer in their dictionaries, Thomas began his act. He carefully stepped onto the tightrope, perched high above them all.

And there he stood, perfectly balanced, as the audience gathered around the crossword puzzle. Suddenly, a boy yelled “Even!“.

“Correct!” said Thomas, with a smile.

The word “even” not only described his balance, but also perfectly fit the puzzle. And as the crowd watched Thomas continue his incredible feat, they couldn’t help but feel a sense of wonder and admiration for his skill. From that day on, “even” became a symbol of Thomas’ incredible balance, and a word that would always be associated with him.