Bagel go-with

Bagel go-with - LOX
Bagel go-with

Sure! I’d be happy to help you understand the answer ‘LOX’ to the crossword clue ‘Bagel go-with’.

Firstly, let’s define what a bagel is – it is a type of bread product that is shaped like a doughnut with a dense, chewy interior and a crispy exterior. It originated in Poland, but is now very popular in North America.

Now let’s talk about ‘lox’. Lox is a type of cured salmon that is commonly served on a bagel with cream cheese. The word ‘lox’ comes from the Yiddish word for salmon, which is ‘laks’. There are different methods of preparing lox, but the most common method involves curing the salmon in a mixture of salt, sugar, and sometimes other spices. This helps to preserve the fish and gives it its distinctive flavor.

In North America, lox has become synonymous with bagels, cream cheese, and capers, which are all popular toppings for a classic bagel sandwich. Some people also like to add red onion, tomato, or lettuce to their bagel with lox.

So there you have it – ‘lox’ is a type of cured salmon that is a popular topping for bagels. It has a distinct, salty flavor and is often served with cream cheese, capers, and other toppings.