Stuck on a Crossword? Crack the Clue for ‘Backside’ Here!

Stuck on a Crossword? Crack the Clue for ‘Backside’ Here! - ASS

Once upon a time, there was a village where everyone loved to play games. One of their favorites was solving riddles and crossword puzzles. One sunny day, a puzzle book arrived and everyone was thrilled to dive in and solve the clues.

As they flipped through the pages, they came across a clue that stumped many: “A four-letter word for backside.” Many guessed “butt” or “rear” but nothing seemed to fit. The village became restless, and even their skilled puzzle master was struggling to find the answer.

One day, the village saw a donkey grazing in a nearby field. It had a strange white marking on it. One villager suddenly shouted, “I have solved the puzzle! It’s ‘ass’.” Everyone looked at him skeptically until he explained, “Look at the donkey’s backside. It has a white marking in the shape of an A-S-S.”

And just like that, the village praised the clever villager for his quick thinking. From that day on, everyone remembered the connection between “backside” and “ass,” thanks to the donkey with the unique marking. And they all lived happily ever after, cracking crossword clues and riddles with ease.