Augurs - BODES

Sure, I’d be happy to help! In the field related to the crossword clue “Augurs,” the answer “BODES” typically refers to a sense of foresight or prediction about the future. Specifically, the word “bodes” indicates a sign or indication of things to come. This can be a negative or positive omen, depending on the context and the person or people who are interpreting the signs.

For example, if someone says “this storm bodes ill for our crops,” they are suggesting that the coming storm is a negative indication of what is to come in terms of the harvest. Alternatively, if someone says “this peaceful silence bodes well for our family gathering,” they are suggesting that the current calmness suggests a positive outcome for the gathering that is about to take place.

In short, “bodes” as a verb implies a sense of prediction or foretelling, often based on one’s interpretation of the signs and signals around them. It is a useful term in a variety of fields, including weather forecasting, financial analysis, and even literary analysis. I hope that helps!