“At least you did your best!”

“At least you did your best!” - GOODTRY
"At least you did your best!"

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Lily who loved participating in school competitions. One day, her school held a crossword puzzle competition where Lily had to solve various tricky and challenging clues to win the game.

While working on one of the final clues, Lily got stuck and couldn’t figure out the answer. She tried her best but couldn’t solve it. Feeling disheartened, she was about to give up when her teacher came over and said, “At least you did your best! That’s what matters most.

Lily smiled and felt better hearing these words of encouragement from her teacher. She realized that she may not have solved the crossword puzzle, but she had tried her best, and that was a significant accomplishment in itself.

The next day, as she walked into the classroom, her teacher congratulated her and handed her a prize for participation. On the prize was the word “GOODTRY” engraved. It made Lily feel proud and happy, and she knew that even though she didn’t win the competition, she had given it her all and done her best.

From that day on, whenever Lily faced any challenge, big or small, she remembered the lesson she had learned during the crossword competition. She knew that even if she didn’t succeed in her endeavors, a “GOODTRY” was always worth celebrating.