Asa Butterfield’s role on “Sex Education”

Asa Butterfield’s role on “Sex Education” - OTIS
Asa Butterfield's role on "Sex Education"

As a detective, my first step in solving the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Asa Butterfield’s role on “Sex Education“‘ is to gather information about the TV show. Through research, I discover that ‘Sex Education‘ is a British comedy-drama television series that premiered in 2019 on Netflix. The main character, Otis Milburn, played by Asa Butterfield, is a socially awkward high school student who teams up with his classmate Maeve to start a sex therapy clinic in school. The show’s plot revolves around Otis and his clinic’s efforts to help their classmates with their sexual and relationship problems.

Using this information, I begin to focus on the clue’s keyword, ‘Asa Butterfield’s role.’ Given that Asa Butterfield is the lead actor of the series, it narrows down my search to his character’s name. Combining this with other letters available in the crossword and the show’s plot, I realize that the five-letter answer must be ‘OTIS.’

The name ‘Otis’ fits the bill perfectly when considering the other characters and their roles in the show. Otis is the central figure around whom the show’s plot revolves. Moreover, his name appears many times in the show’s dialogues, making it the most likely answer. Therefore, I am confident that my deduction is accurate, and the answer to the crossword clue is ‘OTIS.’