Arizona athlete, for short

Arizona athlete, for short - DBACK
Arizona athlete, for short

Once upon a time in Arizona, there was a little lizard named Danny. Danny loved to play sports and dreamed of one day becoming a famous athlete. One day, Danny decided to try out for the local baseball team, the Desert Backs.

Danny trained hard, running laps around the field and practicing his pitching skills until he was finally ready to try out. But when he arrived at the tryouts, the coach took one look at him and laughed.

“You’re too small to play baseball, Danny,” he said. “We need big, strong players who can hit home runs and catch fly balls.”

Danny was heartbroken. He didn’t know what to do. But then he had an idea. Instead of playing baseball, he would become the team’s mascot! He convinced the coach to let him wear a big, green lizard costume and cheer on the team from the sidelines.

The Desert Backs loved having Danny the Lizard as their mascot. He always cheered them on and made everyone laugh with his silly dance moves. And whenever the team needed a little extra luck, they would point to Danny and say, “Go D-Backs!

So now, whenever people in Arizona see the crossword clue “Arizona athlete, for short,” they know that the answer is “DBACK,” short for Desert Backs, the beloved baseball team’s name. And every time they see the D-backs play, they can’t help but smile when they think of Danny the Lizard, the little guy who found his place on the team and became a local legend.