Antitraffic org.

Antitraffic org. - DEA
Antitraffic org.

Once upon a time, there lived a little ant named Ace who wanted to learn more about traffic rules. He was curious why the big ants always followed a certain pattern of marching when they had to cross paths. Ace observed their behavior for several days, and he noticed that the ants with red marks on their back always led the way.

One day, Ace asked the leader of the red-marked ants about their unique marching patterns, and the ant explained that they were part of an organization that promoted traffic safety. They were responsible for making sure all ants follow specific rules so that no one gets hurt.

“Wow,” said Ace, “that sounds like a fantastic organization! What’s it called?”

The leader replied, “It’s called the Drug Enforcement Agency, or DEA, for short.”

Ace was fascinated, and he decided to join the DEA. He learned all about traffic rules and how to keep his fellow ants safe, and he eventually became a leader himself.

The crossword clue “Antitraffic org.” was the perfect description for the DEA because they were dedicated to promoting traffic safety and preventing accidents. Even though Ace was just a little ant, he knew he was contributing to his community’s well-being, and that made him happy.