Stuck on a Frozen Clue? Discover Anna’s Elder Sister Here!

Stuck on a Frozen Clue? Discover Anna’s Elder Sister Here! - ELSA
Anna of Arendelle's elder sister

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Arendelle, there were two sisters named Anna and Elsa. As kids, they shared a great bond but something happened that changed everything. Elsa had a special power to control ice and snow but, unfortunately, lost control of it and unintentionally hurt Anna.

From then on, Elsa lived a secluded life, distancing herself from her beloved sister. One day, Anna stumbled upon a crossword puzzle that was circulating in the town square. She eagerly filled it out and found one clue that left her stumped: “Anna of Arendelle’s elder sister.

As she thought hard, she realized that the answer must be Elsa, her long-lost sister who she hadn’t seen in years. Filled with hope, Anna took off on a journey to find Elsa, solve their sisterly issues, and help her regain control of her powers.

After braving all kinds of obstacles, Anna found Elsa and, through an incredibly heartwarming reunion, helped her overcome the issues that had kept them apart. Thanks to her clever deductions in the crossword, Anna saved the day, and the two sisters were able to live happily ever after.