Lost at Sea? Crack the Clue for Ancient Navigation Aids

Lost at Sea? Crack the Clue for Ancient Navigation Aids - STARS
Ancient navigation aids

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a great explorer named Captain Jack. He had traveled the world, sailing the seven seas, discovering new lands and making maps of the oceans. But one day, he got lost in a big storm. He didn’t know which way to go, and the winds were pushing him further from his destination. However, he had an idea – he looked up at the sky and found the constellation of the North Star.

Captain Jack remembered what his father had taught him when he was a young boy. His father had said that the North Star was always directly above the North Pole, and that sailors used it as a guide to navigate the seas. Captain Jack then followed the direction of the North Star, and eventually reached his destination safely.

From that day on, Captain Jack used the stars as navigation aids. He learned how to read the stars, and found constellations that guided him on his journeys. Whenever he was lost, he looked up at the stars and found his way. It was then that he knew why the crossword clue ‘Ancient navigation aids’ was referring to the ‘STARS‘ – they were the oldest and most reliable navigation tool out there!