“Al-l-lmost done”

“Al-l-lmost done” - INASEC
"Al-l-lmost done"

As a detective trying to solve the crossword clue, ‘“Al-l-lmost done”‘, my first instinct was to think of words that indicated something almost being completed. I thought of words like ‘close‘ and ‘near‘, but none of them fit with the given letters. Then, I realized that the word ‘all‘ was repeated three times, indicating that the answer likely had three letters. This led me to think of words with the prefix ‘in‘, as that would give me three letters to work with. I started thinking of words with that prefix that meant something close to being done, and ‘inasec‘ popped into my mind. It fit perfectly with the given letters and also had the right meaning. I was ecstatic when I realized that I had solved the clue and uncovered the answer. As a detective, it is always satisfying when a moment of insight leads to a breakthrough in a case, and in this instance, it did not disappoint.