Stumped by the After-Dinner Coffee Order in Your Crossword? Find the Answer!

Stumped by the After-Dinner Coffee Order in Your Crossword? Find the Answer! - DECAF
After-dinner coffee order

Once upon a time in the land of Puzzleville, there lived a group of coffee-loving friends – a feisty French press called Frenchy, a quirky electric coffee maker named Brewster, and a sassy little cup named Cappy.

Every day, the trio would meet up at their favorite coffee shop, the Java Jamboree, to enjoy a hot cup of Joe and solve crossword puzzles together. But one day, just after finishing their scrumptious dinner, something peculiar happened.

As Frenchy, Brewster, and Cappy sat at their regular table, they noticed an extra-exciting crossword puzzle in the newspaper. The clue that caught their attention was “After-dinner coffee order.

They puzzled over it for a moment, pondering the possibilities. Cappy, the witty little cup, spoke up, “Well, after-dinner usually means late in the evening. So, we’re not looking for regular coffee here. It must be something else!”

Brewster, the ever-helpful coffee maker, chimed in, “Yes! And it needs to be an order or type of coffee that people usually drink after dinner. That means it shouldn’t have too much caffeine, or we’ll be up all night!”

Frenchy, the wise old French press, nodded approvingly. “That’s right. So, our answer needs to be something like decaffeinated coffee.”

Suddenly, something extraordinary happened inside the Java Jamboree. The puzzle pieces began to levitate and swirl in the air, creating a magical portal. Without hesitation, the three friends jumped into the vortex, transported to a whole new world – the caffeine-free realm.

As they landed softly in this mysterious place, they looked around, amazed at the calmness and tranquility. The land was filled with serene gardens and sleepy-eyed creatures sipping their decaf coffees, all basking in the moonlight.

Excitement filled their hearts as they realized they had discovered the answer to the crossword puzzle clue – ‘After-dinner coffee order: DECAF’!

Filled with glee, Frenchy, Brewster, and Cappy knew they had truly experienced the connection between the crossword clue and its answer. They had traversed realms, embraced the wonders of decaf, and, most importantly, found the missing piece to the puzzle.

And so, after their coffee-induced adventures, the three friends returned to Puzzleville, eager to share their newfound knowledge with the crossword enthusiasts. From that day forward, every time someone encountered the clue “After-dinner coffee order,” they would confidently fill in the letters ‘DECAF’ – a delightful reminder of their magical caffeine-free journey.