Stuck on a crossword clue? Learn how to add streaks to your game!

Stuck on a crossword clue? Learn how to add streaks to your game! - DYED
Added streaks to, say

Once upon a time, there was an artist named Drew who loved to experiment with different colors on his canvas. He always wanted to try out new techniques and bring unique elements to his paintings. One day, Drew was working on a portrait of a beautiful lady with golden hair, but he felt that something was missing. The painting looked dull and monotonous. Drew thought hard and came up with an idea to add streaks of different colors to the hair. He grabbed some dye and carefully applied it to the strands of hair. Suddenly, the painting came to life! The added streaks of color made the portrait vibrant and beautiful.

After completing the painting, Drew shared it with his friends and family. Everyone was awestruck by the beauty and uniqueness of Drew’s artwork. One of his friends, who was an avid crossword puzzle solver, saw the painting and immediately thought of a familiar crossword clue – ‘Added streaks to, say’. He filled in the answer which was ‘DYED‘. Drew was amused by the connection between his artwork and a crossword puzzle clue, and they both had a good laugh about it.

From that day on, Drew started incorporating different techniques to his paintings, including using different dyes to add streaks of color to make them stand out uniquely. And every time Drew’s paintings were admired, his friend couldn’t help but think of the crossword puzzle clue ‘Added streaks to, say‘ and its answer ‘DYED‘.