Actress Whitman of “Parenthood”

Actress Whitman of “Parenthood” - MAE
Actress Whitman of "Parenthood"

As a detective tasked with solving the crossword clue “Actress Whitman of ‘Parenthood,'” my first step was to recall any familiar names associated with the popular television show. Parenthood, which aired from 2010-2015, featured a diverse cast of talented actors and actresses. However, one name stood out in particular – Mae Whitman. Whitman played the spunky and endearing character of Amber Holt, the daughter of Sarah Braverman (played by Lauren Graham). Upon further research, I confirmed that Mae Whitman was, indeed, the actress in question. Whitman’s acting career extends far beyond her role in Parenthood, having appeared in hit shows such as Arrested Development and Good Girls as well as blockbuster movies like The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It was a thrilling moment for me as a detective to have cracked the case, thanks to my knowledge of popular culture and a bit of thorough investigation.