Actress Parker

Actress Parker - POSEY
Actress Parker

Once upon a time, there was a talented actress named Sarah Jessica Parker who had a friend named Parker Posey. Despite sharing the same last name, they had very different careers – while Sarah was a famous TV and movie star, Parker was known as an indie darling.

One day, Sarah was working on a new crossword puzzle and came across a clue that simply read “Actress Parker.” She was confused since it could have been either her or her friend Parker. After struggling with the answer for a bit, she decided to give Parker a call and ask her directly.

“Hey Parker, do you know the answer to this crossword clue that says ‘Actress Parker‘?” asked Sarah.

“Oh yeah, that’s an easy one – the answer is ‘Posey‘,” replied Parker.

Sarah was surprised by the answer, since she had always considered herself the more famous actress with the Parker last name. But then she realized that Parker Posey was just as highly regarded in the world of independent films as she was in mainstream Hollywood.

From then on, Sarah saw Parker Posey in a new light, and even started recommending her friend’s films to her fans. And every time she came across a crossword clue that mentioned “Actress Parker,” she always wrote in the answer with a smile on her face, remembering the day she learned to appreciate a fellow actress with the same last name.