Actress Gunn of “Breaking Bad”

Actress Gunn of “Breaking Bad” - ANNA
Actress Gunn of "Breaking Bad"

As a detective, my first step in solving the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Actress Gunn of “Breaking Bad”‘ was to gather all the relevant information. I started by analyzing the clue itself – “Actress Gunn” – which meant that the answer was a female name. Next, I looked at the reference to “Breaking Bad,” a popular TV show where several actresses played important roles. But only one actress with the last name Gunn starred in Breaking Bad – Anna Gunn.

My thought process continued by taking into account other aspects of the show that might help me narrow down the right answer. I noted that Anna Gunn played the character Skyler White, the wife of the show’s main character Walter White, and a prominent role throughout the series. I also considered the number of letters in the answer and noticed that the name Anna perfectly fit the five spaces available in the crossword.

Based on these insights and my detailed analysis of the given clues, I confidently filled in the answer as ANNA, feeling satisfied with my detective work and proud of myself for cracking the code.