Actor Alda or Arkin

Actor Alda or Arkin - ALAN
Actor Alda or Arkin

Once upon a time, in a small town in America, there were two brothers named Alda and Arkin. Both brothers were great actors and loved to perform on stage. They were so talented that they were often mistaken for each other by their fans and audiences.

One day, the local newspaper decided to publish a crossword puzzle with the clue ‘Actor Alda or Arkin’. Many residents of the town attempted to solve the puzzle but couldn’t figure out the answer.

One person who was determined to solve the puzzle was a young girl named Alice. She loved puzzles and had been eagerly waiting for the newspaper to publish one. As soon as she saw the clue, she immediately knew the answer was ‘ALAN‘.

Alice had seen both Alda and Arkin perform on stage and knew that they were brothers, but she also knew that they had a third brother called Alan. She figured that since the clue included the name Alda or Arkin, the answer had to be another name starting with ‘A’. And that’s how she solved the puzzle!

Alice’s love for puzzles and her knowledge of the famous acting family helped her solve the crossword clue ‘Actor Alda or Arkin’. And now, whenever anyone in the town mentions the name Alda, Arkin or Alan, they always think of Alice and her clever puzzle-solving skills.