Abu Dhabi’s grp.

Abu Dhabi’s grp. - UAE
Abu Dhabi's grp.

Once upon a time, there was a friendly globe-trotting caterpillar named Callie who loved exploring new places. During one of her many adventures, Callie found herself in the breathtaking city of Abu Dhabi, nestled in the heart of the United Arab Emirates. She was fascinated by everything she saw – the towering skyscrapers, the gleaming beaches, and the bustling markets.

As she made her way through the city, Callie noticed that people kept mentioning a mysterious acronym – ‘UAE’. Curious as ever, she decided to ask a friendly passerby what it meant. The person smiled and explained that UAE stood for the United Arab Emirates, which was the country that Abu Dhabi was a part of.

Callie felt a jolt of excitement – she loved learning new things! She decided to explore more of the country to understand why it was called the United Arab Emirates. She discovered that the country was founded in 1971 when seven emirates joined together to create a united federation. Abu Dhabi was one of those emirates, along with Dubai, Sharjah, and others.

As she returned home from her adventure, Callie realized that the crossword clue ‘Abu Dhabi’s grp.’ was referring to the country that the emirate was a part of – the United Arab Emirates! She was thrilled to have learned something new and couldn’t wait to share her adventures with her fellow caterpillars. And so, Callie the caterpillar went on many more adventures, always eager to learn and discover new things.