Absolute concentration, literally

Absolute concentration, literally - ATTENTION
Absolute concentration, literally

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom ruled by a wise and just king. One day, the king announced a competition to all his subjects. He said, “Whoever finds the key to the royal treasure chest shall have its riches.” All his subjects got excited and started looking for clues.

One day, a clever scholar was walking across the palace garden when he noticed the king’s gardener trimming the bushes into shapes of letters. He approached the gardener and asked why he was doing that. The gardener revealed that the king asked him to make a puzzle out of it. The scholar asked if he could have a look at it, and the gardener revealed the puzzle.

It was a crossword puzzle that the king had designed with cryptic clues representing the key to the chest. The scholar was excited to solve it and began working on it. One of the clues read, “Absolute concentration, literally.” The scholar thought hard and realized that the answer to the clue was “ATTENTION.” He quickly solved the rest of the puzzle and submitted his answer to the king.

The king was impressed with the scholar’s wit and declared him as the winner of the competition. The scholar received the key to the royal treasure chest and became the richest man in the kingdom.

From that day forward, the scholars and students of the kingdom engraved “ATTENTION” in their minds to remind themselves of the importance of concentration when solving problems or completing tasks.