Abbr. in a Car and Driver review

Abbr. in a Car and Driver review - MPG
Abbr. in a Car and Driver review

Once upon a time, there was a man named David who drove a beautiful car. One day, he decided to review his car’s performance in a magazine called “Car and Driver”.
As he sat down to write, he looked at the dashboard and noticed an abbreviation he wasn’t quite sure about. It read “MPG“. He wondered what that meant and why it was important.

He continued to write his review and went on to describe his car’s acceleration, top speed, and handling. But then he realized that he had missed a crucial aspect of his car’s performance – its fuel efficiency.

Suddenly, he made the connection between the crossword clue he had seen earlier and his car’s performance. He quickly looked up the meaning of “MPG” and realized that it stood for “miles per gallon”. David knew that this was an important factor to consider, not only for his own wallet, but also for the environment.

From that day forward, David included “MPG” in all his car reviews, helping readers understand that a car’s fuel efficiency is just as important as its speed and acceleration. And that’s how the Abbr. in Car and Driver review clue came to be associated with the answer, “MPG“.