Stumped on Birth Announcement Abbr.? Discover the Answer Now!

Stumped on Birth Announcement Abbr.? Discover the Answer Now! - LBS
Abbr. in a birth announcement

Caroline and Jack were expecting a baby soon, and they were elated! They wanted to announce their baby’s birth in a unique and fun way, so they decided to publish it in the local newspaper. They wrote down all the details, including the baby’s weight.

But they were wondering how to shorten the weight measurement. So they called up their friend, a crossword puzzle enthusiast. Their friend was glad to help and quickly suggested using the abbreviation ‘LBS‘ for pounds.

Caroline and Jack were grateful for their friend’s help and immediately added ‘LBS‘ to their birth announcement.

When the newspaper was published the following week, many curious readers saw the announcement with the abbreviation ‘LBS‘ and started to wonder what it meant. Some even decided to solve the crossword puzzle in the newspaper to find the answer!

From that day forward, the abbreviation ‘LBS‘ became a popular answer for a clue in birth announcements in crossword puzzles. And Caroline and Jack were happy to have played a part in that.