“___ was!” (“No way!,” in German)

“___ was!” (“No way!,” in German) - ACH
"___ was!" ("No way!," in German)

Wonderful! The answer to the crossword clue “___ was!” (“No way!,” in German) is ‘ACH.‘ ACH is a common exclamation in German that can be used to express exasperation, surprise, or disbelief. It’s similar to the English phrases “Oh!” or “Ah!” and is often paired with other words or expressions to add emphasis.

While ACH might seem simple or straightforward, it’s actually quite versatile in the German language. It can be elongated or shortened to create different meanings or inflections. For example, “Ach so!” is a common phrase that means “I see!” or “Oh, I understand now!” while “Ach du lieber!” is an exclamation of surprise or shock that’s similar to saying “Oh my goodness!” in English.

When solving a crossword puzzle that includes clues related to German language and culture, it’s useful to have a basic understanding of common expressions like ACH. With its many nuances and uses, ACH is an important part of the German language and a useful tool for expressing emotions and reactions.