___ Stanley Gardner, creator of Perry Mason

___ Stanley Gardner, creator of Perry Mason - ERLE
___ Stanley Gardner, creator of Perry Mason

Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Erle who loved to solve puzzles. He had an incredible talent for deciphering all kinds of puzzles with ease, and his family and friends were constantly amazed by his ingenuity.

One day, Erle stumbled upon a crossword puzzle that stumped him. It was a puzzle dedicated to famous writers, and one of the clues read, “Earl Stanley Gardner, creator of Perry Mason.” Erle had never heard of this author, but he was determined to figure it out.

He asked his friends and family if they knew the answer, but they were all stumped as well. Erle decided to conduct some research, and he spent hours at the library reading every book he could find on famous authors.

Finally, after hours of searching, Erle found a book that mentioned an author named Earl Stanley Gardner. It turned out that Gardner was indeed the creator of Perry Mason!

Filled with excitement, Erle rushed home to fill in the crossword puzzle. He proudly scribbled down “ERLE” as the answer to the clue, feeling accomplished for having solved yet another puzzle with his brain power.

From that day on, Erle became even more passionate about puzzles and developed a love for writing himself. He vowed to one day publish his own books, just like the great Earl Stanley Gardner. And that’s how Erle’s love for puzzles and writing was born, all thanks to a crossword clue that piqued his curiosity.