___ something

___ something - ONTO
___ something

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The crossword clue “___ something” is often used to denote a direction or movement, indicating which surface or area an object is moving towards. The answer to this clue is “ONTO.”

In simpler terms, “onto” refers to a preposition that indicates movement towards an object or surface. It implies that something is being placed or positioned onto a specific surface or object. For instance, if you put a book onto a table, you’re placing the book on top of the table’s surface.

On” is often used interchangeably with “onto,” but there is a subtle difference in meaning. “On” refers to the placement of something on top of a surface, often without any movement. For instance, the book may already be on the table’s surface.

In summary, “onto” is a preposition that describes movement towards an object or surface. It’s commonly used in everyday language when describing the placement of objects or things, like “I put the groceries onto the kitchen counter,” or “She climbed onto the sofa.”