“___ see it from my perspective …”

“___ see it from my perspective …” - TRYTO
"___ see it from my perspective …"

As a detective, the first thing I did was to analyze the crossword clue closely. The clue begins with the word ‘see,’ so I knew the answer was going to be a verb. From there, I looked at the rest of the phrase ‘from my perspective.’ This gave me a hint that the answer might involve attempting to understand or empathize with someone else’s point of view.

With these clues in mind, I began to think of words that matched this notion of understanding someone else’s perspective. It wasn’t long before I landed on the word ‘TRYTO.’ This word perfectly fits the crossword clue, as it means to attempt or make an effort to understand someone’s perspective.

To ensure that this was indeed the correct answer, I checked the surrounding clues to see if any of their letters contradicted the word ‘TRYTO,’ but they did not. Additionally, ‘TRYTO’ made sense with the other intersecting words, further confirming my suspicion that this was the correct answer.

In conclusion, by analyzing the crossword clue and following my initial intuition, I was able to solve the mystery and confidently fill in ‘TRYTO’ as the correct answer in the crossword puzzle.