___ or nothing

___ or nothing - ALL
___ or nothing

Great! The term “all or nothing” is a common phrase used in many fields, including gambling, sports, and commerce. The word that completes the crossword clue, “ALL,” is central to understanding the meaning of this phrase.

In general, “all or nothing” refers to a situation in which there are only two possible outcomes: either total success or complete failure. People often use this phrase to describe a high-stakes bet or a risky endeavor in which the rewards are great, but the consequences of failure are severe.

In the context of gambling, the term “all or nothing” often refers to a game in which players have to correctly predict the result of several events to win the grand prize. Similarly, in sports, “all or nothing” might be used to describe a final game of a season where a team must win or lose to advance to the playoffs. In commerce, “all or nothing” often relates to a sales strategy in which customers must commit to purchasing a certain quantity of a product to receive a discount or other benefits.

The word “ALL” is the right answer to the crossword clue because it represents the essence of “all or nothing.” When we talk about “all,” we mean “everything” – the complete set of possibilities, good or bad. “All” embodies the idea of taking a leap of faith and going all-in, risking everything for the chance to gain something significant.

In conclusion, “all or nothing” refers to a situation in which there are only two possible outcomes: complete success or failure. And “ALL” accurately represents this concept because it refers to the complete set of possibilities, whether positive or negative. Hopefully, this explanation helps you understand the crossword clue!