___ life (nomadism popular on social media)

___ life (nomadism popular on social media) - VAN
___ life (nomadism popular on social media)

As a detective, the first step in solving any mystery is to gather as much information as possible. In this case, I focused on the crossword clue – “___ life (nomadism popular on social media)”. The blank space could be filled with any word that describes a type of “nomadism” that is currently popular on social media. This indicated that the answer was likely to be a trendy term or a new phenomenon.

Next, I looked for clues in the structure of the crossword itself. The length of the answer was three letters, which narrowed down the possibilities. Also, the position of the blank space in the crossword – at the beginning of the second word – suggested that the first word could be important.

Thinking further, I realized that the term “van life” is currently a very popular lifestyle choice among many people, especially those who enjoy traveling and exploring. Van life involves converting a van into a mobile home and living in it, allowing for a nomadic lifestyle. The term has gained considerable traction on social media platforms such as Instagram, where people often post their adventures and experiences under the #vanlife hashtag.

Putting these clues together, I realized that the answer to the crossword clue was VAN, as it fit perfectly with the term “van life”. By taking a logical and analytical approach, I was able to solve this mystery, and hopefully, impress and captivate those who are trying to solve the same crossword puzzle.