Award-winning Actress for “I, Tonya”: Who is ___ Janney? Can you guess?

Award-winning Actress for “I, Tonya”: Who is ___ Janney? Can you guess? - ALLISON
___ Janney, Oscar winner for "I, Tonya"

Once upon a time in Hollywood, a young actress named Allison was determined to make her mark on the silver screen. She worked tirelessly, auditioning for every role she could find and studying her craft day and night.

One day, she landed an audition for a groundbreaking film called “I, Tonya“. The role was challenging, but Allison poured her heart and soul into the character. She dove deep into the role, studying the real-life person she was portraying and making every moment count.

When the film was released, Allison’s performance was lauded by critics and audiences alike. She was hailed as a powerhouse actress and her name became synonymous with excellence in acting.

One fateful night, she found herself standing on the stage of the Academy Awards, surrounded by the biggest names in show business. As the envelope was opened and her name was announced as the winner, Allison could hardly believe it. She had achieved her dreams, and her name would forever be etched in the history of cinema.

For crossword enthusiasts around the world, she will forever be known as ___ Janney, Oscar winner for “I, Tonya” – and the answer is always “Allison“.