“___ hurt”

“___ hurt” - CANT
"___ hurt"

Once upon a time, there was a group of adventurers who were on a mission to explore a mysterious island. As they walked through the dense jungle, they realized that they were being followed by a pack of wild animals. They started running and one of them tripped and fell down.

“Ouch! I can’t run anymore, my leg hurts,” exclaimed one of the adventurers.

Another adventurer who was good at solving crosswords puzzles thought for a moment and said, “Hey, that’s the answer to one of the clues in the crossword puzzle we were solving earlier – ‘___ hurt’!”

Everyone looked at him bewildered, but he quickly filled in the blanks with the word “CANT“. Suddenly, the pack of wild animals stopped chasing them, and the adventurers realized that they had reached the edge of the jungle, where there was a signpost which read – “Please, no entry beyond this point. Follow the road.”

They followed the road and eventually reached the other side of the island, where they found a hidden treasure. As they rejoiced their victory, they realized that solving the crossword puzzle had saved their lives. From that day on, they always made sure to carry a crossword puzzle with them on all their adventures.