“___ for All Seasons”

“___ for All Seasons” - AMAN
"___ for All Seasons"

Once upon a time in a quaint little village, there was a man named Jack who loved to solve crosswords. He was known throughout the village as the best crossword solver, and he always had an audience surrounding him whenever he was working on a puzzle.

One day, a mysterious stranger arrived in the village and challenged Jack to solve a crossword with only one clue: “___ for All Seasons“. Jack was thrown off by the clue, and he sat for hours trying to think of the answer. As the day wore on, more and more people in the village gathered around him, eager to watch him solve the puzzle.

Just as Jack was about to give up, a man named Ben walked up to him and whispered the answer in his ear – “AMAN“. Jack was shocked and amazed, as he had never heard of such a simple answer to such a difficult clue. Ben explained to him that “AMAN” is a phrase that implies someone can adapt and thrive in any situation, regardless of the time of year.

Jack was blown away by this revelation and used “AMAN” as his answer. The stranger was impressed and revealed himself as the village’s crossword puzzle maker. He had been searching for someone who truly understood the meaning of the puzzles he created, and Jack had passed the test.

From that day forward, Jack was no longer just known as the best crossword solver in the village – he was known as the “AMAN” who could overcome any puzzle that came his way.