___ Field (Shea Stadium successor)

___ Field (Shea Stadium successor) - CITI
___ Field (Shea Stadium successor)

Once upon a time, in a land not too far away, there stood a magnificent stadium named Shea. People from all over the land would come to watch games, concerts and other exciting events in the stadium. But alas, after many years of being a proud and iconic landmark of the city, Shea stadium became old and worn out. The people of the city were sad to see it go, but they knew it was time for a new and improved stadium to take its place.

So, the city officials decided to build a brand new stadium and they wanted it to be something special. They reached out to a group of experienced architects and engineers and asked them to help design the new stadium. To begin with, they knew they needed a name that would stand out and exemplify the city’s greatness. One of the architects came up with a brilliant idea; he suggested they name the stadium after a company that was headquartered in the city, and that company was CITI.

When the people heard the name, they were thrilled that the new stadium would carry the name of a company that symbolized their city’s strength and resilience. Thus, the new stadium was built and it was officially named ‘CITI Field‘. People from all over the land came to visit the new stadium and watch their favorite events. It was even better than Shea Stadium, and it quickly became a landmark of the city that people were proud of.

And that, dear friends, is how the new stadium got its name, ‘CITI Field‘. It was named after the city’s own corporation, which truly showcases the unity and strength of the city.