___ Excellency

___ Excellency - HER
___ Excellency

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom ruled by a queen. Her Excellency, as she was called, was known throughout the land for her wisdom, kindness, and intelligence. One day, as she was taking a stroll in the palace gardens, she came across a group of villagers who were gathered around a crossword puzzle.

As the queen looked over their shoulders, she noticed that the puzzle had a clue that read, “___ Excellency.” The villagers were stumped and couldn’t figure out the answer. Her Excellency smiled and asked if she could give it a try.

Without hesitation, she wrote down the answer, “HER,” in the crossword puzzle grid. The villagers were amazed and asked how she knew the answer. The queen explained that she was the only “Excellency” in the kingdom who identified as a “her.”

From that day on, whenever the villagers saw the crossword clue “___ Excellency,” they smiled and remembered the wise and kind queen who had solved the puzzle with such ease.