“___ Bones” (classic spiritual)

“___ Bones” (classic spiritual) - DEM
"___ Bones" (classic spiritual)

As a detective of crossword puzzles, my initial insight was identifying the genre of the clue, “classic spiritual.” With vast knowledge of classic music genres, the familiarity of the word “bones” came to mind. I instantly recollected the significance of “bones” in the cultural vernacular of African Americans, which implied an instrument in well-known spiritual songs. As I drew closer to the solution, it occurred to me that the word ‘dem‘ is commonly found in spirituals that originated from slaves’ plantation and is often used instead of “them.” I then confirmed my hypothesis with a quick online search, buttressing my insights in this crossword puzzle mystery. In summary, while the word “bones” might have misdirected others, my grasp of the broader musical and cultural context helped me narrow down the answer to “DEM Bones.”