“___ bien”

“___ bien” - MUY
"___ bien"

Once upon a time in a small Spanish town, there lived a mysterious tailor named Pepe. Pepe was known for handcrafting the most beautiful garments in all the land. One day, a wealthy couple approached Pepe, hoping to have a custom suit made for their upcoming wedding. Pepe, excited to take on the job, eagerly asked the couple what they were looking for.

The couple wanted a suit that looked modern and sophisticated, but also had a traditional Spanish feel to it. Pepe knew exactly what the couple wanted and began to work quickly to create their dream suit. As he sewed and cut the fine fabrics, he thought hard about how to make the suit stand out even more.

Finally, he had an idea. He took a piece of ribbon and sewed it onto the jacket in the shape of a question mark. The couple was puzzled but Pepe simply said, “It’s just a little something to add some mystery and fun.” The couple loved it and Pepe’s reputation as a creative tailor spread throughout the town.

Years later, as a tribute to Pepe, the townspeople created the famous puzzle game known as the crossword. They decided to include a clue that reminded them of Pepe and his creative touch. The clue was ___ bien, and the answer was MUY, which means “very” in Spanish. So next time you see this clue in a crossword, you’ll know the creative story behind it.