“50 First Dates” and “27 Dresses,” for two

“50 First Dates” and “27 Dresses,” for two - ROMCOMS
"50 First Dates" and "27 Dresses," for two

Lucy and Jane had been lifelong friends. They grew up together, shared all their secrets, and even had the same taste in movies. They loved romantic comedies, or romcoms for short. They would often spend their weekends making popcorn, snuggling up on the couch, and watching their favorite romcoms like “50 First Dates” and “27 Dresses.”

One day, they were working on a crossword puzzle together, and they stumbled upon a clue that read, “’50 First Dates’ and ’27 Dresses,’ for two.” They both stared at the clue, trying to figure out what it could mean. Suddenly, Lucy’s eyes lit up.

“I know what it is!” she exclaimed. “It’s romcoms!”

Jane looked at her quizzically. “What do you mean? How does that relate to the clue?”

Lucy smiled. “Think about it. ’50 First Dates’ and ’27 Dresses’ are both romantic comedies. And the clue says ‘for two,’ so it must be referring to the fact that we both love watching romcoms together.”

Jane nodded in understanding. “Oh, I get it now. That’s pretty clever.”

From then on, whenever Lucy and Jane watched a romcom, they would chuckle at the memory of the crossword puzzle that had brought them even closer together. And whenever they came across another tricky crossword clue, they would tag team and solve it together, just like they always had.