Stuck on Crossword Clue? Crack 38-Across Prefix Now!

Stuck on Crossword Clue? Crack 38-Across Prefix Now! - AERO
38-Across, as a prefix

Once upon a time, there was a young man named Jack who dreamt of becoming a pilot. He spent most of his childhood years building airplanes from different materials he could find, including paper, plastics, and even wood. One day, while Jack was on his way to the nearest airport, he came across a crossword puzzle in his local newspaper. As he perused the clues, he stumbled upon a particular one that read “38-Across, as a prefix“. Being a determined young man, Jack was determined to solve the clue.

Shortly later, he went to the airport where he met with a pilot who was willing to show him around the airplane. Jack was amazed by the size and the mechanics of the airplane. Looking at its enormous turbines, he noticed an inscription on the side – “AERO“. Immediately, he remembered the crossword puzzle and quickly realized that “AERO” was the answer to the clue.

Overwhelmed by joy, Jack decided that he would use the prefix “AERO” in naming his airplanes, to honor the airplane that had inspired him. From that day forth, Jack never failed to remember the time he discovered the connection between “38-Across as a prefix” and its answer, “AERO“, and how it had played such an instrumental role in his passions of airplane design.