1990s “Weekend Update” host Macdonald

1990s “Weekend Update” host Macdonald - NORM
1990s "Weekend Update" host Macdonald

Once upon a time, there was a small town called Crossville filled with enthusiastic puzzle lovers. Every Sunday, the town’s folk eagerly awaited the arrival of the local newspaper that contained a new crossword puzzle. But there was one clue that always stumped everyone – “1990s Weekend Update host Macdonald.”

As the weeks went by and no one could solve the clue, people began to think it was impossible. That is until a new librarian, Norm, appeared in town. Unlike the town’s folk, Norm was a huge fan of Saturday Night Live, and he immediately recognized the clue.

With a smile, Norm confidently filled in the answer, NORM. The townspeople were amazed and began to ask him how he knew the answer to such a difficult clue. Norm simply replied, “It’s easy, that’s my name too!”

From that day on, Norm became a local celebrity in Crossville. People would stop him on the street to ask him for help with the crossword puzzle, and he would happily oblige. And every Sunday, the town’s folk would eagerly await the arrival of the newspaper, eagerly filling out the crossword puzzle with the help of their trusty librarian and friend, Norm. And that is how the name “NORM” became synonymous with the 1990s “Weekend Update” host Macdonald in the town of Crossville.