1977 Linda Ronstadt hit

1977 Linda Ronstadt hit - ITSSOEASY
1977 Linda Ronstadt hit

As a detective, my initial thought process is to gather as much information as possible. In this case, the crossword clue provides a few key pieces of information to work with: 1977 and Linda Ronstadt. I know that Linda Ronstadt is a successful musician, so I immediately recall some of her most popular songs from that era.

I begin to run through different tunes she may have released in 1977, such as “Blue Bayou” or “When Will I Be Loved.” However, after a moment of contemplation, I realize that none of these song titles fit the five-letter spaces provided in the crossword. This leads me to consider more carefully what information the clue provides.

I then recall that one popular Linda Ronstadt song from 1977 had been a cover of the Buddy Holly classic “It’s So Easy.” It all fits perfectly! “ITSSOEASY,” the answer to the crossword clue, is not only the correct length but is also perfectly fitting for the time period and the artist.

Using my deductive reasoning skills and knowledge of pop music history, I was able to solve the mystery of the crossword clue and identify the answer. A successful conclusion to the puzzle!