What “x” might mean

What “x” might mean - TIMBERLINES
What "x" might mean

Once upon a time, there was a young logger named Alex who loved to explore the great outdoors. One day, he found himself face-to-face with a towering tree, just begging to be chopped down. As he swung his ax, he noticed a small mark – an “x” – carved into the bark.

Curious, Alex retreated a few feet, and soon saw many more x’s, all at different heights on the tree. It was then that he learned about timberlines, the marks left by loggers to denote where different types of trees could be found.

From then on, Alex became an expert at reading timberlines and could quickly identify the perfect tree to chop down based on the clues left by others. As he became more skilled, he even began leaving his own timberline clues for future generations of loggers to follow.

Years later, when he was enjoying a lazy Sunday completing a crossword puzzle, Alex came across the clue “What ‘x’ might mean.” With a smile, he filled in the answer: “TIMBERLINES.” It was a reminder of his early days in the logging industry and the valuable knowledge he had gained, as well as a nod to all the hardworking loggers who came before him.