Weed - GANJA

Once upon a time, there was a tiny garden beside a quaint cottage. The garden was filled with an array of beautiful flowers and plants, tended to by the kind old lady who lived in the cottage. But among the colorful petals and green leaves, there was one plant that nobody paid much attention to. It was small, with dull green leaves and a gnarled stem.

One day, a group of friends came to visit the old lady and they decided to take a stroll through the garden. As they walked along, they noticed the little plant and asked the old lady, “What kind of weed is this?” The old lady chuckled and said, “Oh, that’s no ordinary weed. It’s Ganja.

The friends were surprised and intrigued. “What’s Ganja?” they asked. The old lady smiled and explained that Ganja was a special plant that had been used for centuries for its medicinal and spiritual properties.

The friends were fascinated and decided to learn more about Ganja. They researched its many uses and benefits, and soon became advocates for its legalization. They even started a petition to change the laws that criminalized its use.

Thanks to the little plant in the garden, the friends discovered the amazing properties of Ganja and worked to bring awareness about its many benefits. And from that day on, whenever they saw the word “Weed” in a crossword puzzle, they knew the true answer was Ganja.