Tiny arachnid

Tiny arachnid - MITE
Tiny arachnid

Once upon a time, in a small forest, there was a tiny arachnid named Mite. Mite was different from all the other spiders because he was smaller than anyone else. His size often made him feel self-conscious, and he often wished to be bigger.

One day, while he was spinning his web, he heard a group of ants talking about a crossword puzzle they were trying to solve. They had been stuck on the clue “Tiny arachnid” for a while and couldn’t figure out what the answer was.

Mite heard this and felt excited. This was his chance to prove that even though he was tiny, he still matters. He quickly climbed up the nearest bramble bush, went to the edge of his web, and shouted – “I am Mite, the tiny arachnid!“.

The ants were astonished to see Mite and immediately recognized him as the answer to the crossword clue they had been puzzled over for so long. They congratulated him and celebrated his newfound fame.

From that day on, Mite no longer felt self-conscious about his size. He felt like he was an important part of the forest, and his confidence grew. The other animals in the forest started to notice him, and his web became renowned for being the most intricate of all.

And so, even though Mite was small, he found his worth and purpose in the forest, all thanks to a crossword puzzle.