This old thing?

This old thing? - RELIC
This old thing?

Certainly! The answer to the crossword clue “This old thing?” is “relic”. A relic is an object that has survived from the past, typically one that has historical, cultural, or religious importance. Relics can take many forms, from ancient artifacts to religious artifacts to personal belongings of historical figures.

In many cultures, relics are considered sacred and are often venerated or even worshipped. For example, in Christianity, relics can be the physical remains or objects associated with saints, such as bones or clothing, often preserved in churches and displayed for veneration by the faithful.

In a secular context, relics can be anything that has a significant historical or cultural value, such as an ancient coin, a piece of pottery from an archaeological dig, or a diary from a famous historical figure. Relics are important because they help us understand and connect to the past and the people who came before us.

In popular usage, the word “relic” may also be used to refer to something old or out of date, such as an old-fashioned piece of technology or a piece of clothing that is no longer in style. The source of the clue might be based on such popular usage.

So in summary, a relic is an object that has survived from the past and has significant historical, cultural, or religious value.