“Think harder!”

“Think harder!” - FOCUS
"Think harder!"

Once upon a time, there was a young man named Jack who was preparing for his final exams. Jack was very smart, but he tended to get easily distracted while studying. One day, Jack was doing a crossword puzzle when he got stuck on a clue that read “Think harder!“. Jack stared at the puzzle for a while, trying to come up with an answer. Suddenly, he heard a voice from the puzzle say “FOCUS!“.

Startled, Jack looked around but saw nobody. He then realized that the voice was trying to tell him something. Jack took it as a sign that he needed to buckle down and concentrate more on his studies. From that day on, whenever Jack found himself getting distracted, he would hear the voice saying “FOCUS!” again, reminding him of his goal.

Over time, Jack became more focused and dedicated to his studies. He aced his final exams and even got into his dream college. Thanks to the help of that crossword puzzle, Jack learned the importance of remaining focused, even when things got tough. And whenever he saw the word “FOCUS” in the future, he’d be reminded of that valuable lesson.