“The ___ on the Train” (2015 best-selling novel)

“The ___ on the Train” (2015 best-selling novel) - GIRL
"The ___ on the Train" (2015 best-selling novel)

Once upon a time, there was a train that traveled through the countryside every day. One of the passengers on the train was a young girl named Rachel, who loved to read mysteries and thrillers. One day, she noticed a woman sitting across from her reading a book with the cover obscured. Rachel couldn’t help but wonder what the book was about, so she asked the woman.

The woman hesitated for a moment, then whispered, “The __ on the Train”. Rachel was intrigued by the mystery of the woman’s answer and decided to look up the book herself. It turned out that “The __ on the Train” was a best-selling novel that had been making waves in the literary world.

Rachel became so engrossed in the story that she ended up missing her stop. She had to get off at the next station and wait for the next train to take her back. As she sat waiting, she decided to try her hand at the crossword puzzle in the paper she had picked up.

One of the clues was “The ___ on the Train” (2015 best-selling novel). Without hesitation, Rachel filled in the answer – GIRL. It all made sense now – the woman’s mysterious response, Rachel’s own fascination with the book, and the clue in the crossword puzzle.

From that day on, Rachel made it a habit to read a new thriller every time she rode the train. And she always made sure to keep an eye out for any mysterious travelers who might hold the answer to her next crossword clue.