Takes off, with “it”

Takes off, with “it” - BOOKS
Takes off, with "it"

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Lily who loved to read. She was always diving into new books and escaping into different worlds. One day, while sitting in her backyard with her book in hand, she heard a loud buzzing sound. She looked up to see a hot air balloon drifting by overhead. Lily jumped up and ran inside to grab her binoculars so she could get a better look at the colorful balloon. As she peered through the binoculars, she noticed that the balloon had a peculiar banner attached to the basket. It read “Takes off, with ‘it’“. Lily was perplexed. What could the answer be? As she sat pondering, she looked down at the book in her hand and suddenly realized the answer was right in front of her: BOOKS! From then on, whenever she worked on crossword puzzles, she remembered that magical day when she solved the “Takes off, with ‘it'” clue with the help of her trusty book.