Sources of some dings

Sources of some dings - ALERTS
Sources of some dings

As a detective working on the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Sources of some dings’, my thought process went through several stages. Firstly, I considered the word ‘ding’ itself and brainstormed various things that might produce such a sound. One possibility that stood out to me was an alarm bell or alert signal. This led me to the realization that ‘dings’ could refer to notifications or warnings of some kind.

Next, I looked at the word ‘sources’ and began to consider where these alerts might be coming from. Given that we are talking about a crossword puzzle, it made sense to think about electronic sources such as smartphones, computers, or other digital devices. I then combined these two insights and realized that the answer to the crossword clue was most likely ‘ALERTS’.

This was a satisfying conclusion because it fit all the criteria laid out in the clue. ‘Alerts’ produce dings, and they are a common feature of many digital devices, making them a great candidate for the answer. By following this logical process of deduction, I was able to uncover the mystery of the crossword clue and arrive at the correct solution.