Some occupations?

Some occupations? - PROTESTS
Some occupations?

Sure, I’d be happy to explain the term ‘PROTESTS‘ related to the crossword clue ‘Some occupations‘.

Protests are a form of nonviolent public action aimed at drawing attention to and demanding change for a particular issue. They can be solitary actions or can involve thousands of people, and they can take many forms, such as rallies, marches, sit-ins, strikes, and boycotts.

Protests are often driven by social, economic, and political issues, and are a powerful way for people to express their grievances and push for change. Some common examples of issues that protests address include racial inequality, discrimination, government policies, and labor disputes.

In terms of the crossword clue ‘Some occupations‘, the term ‘PROTESTS‘ is likely referring to the fact that protesting and activism can often become a full-time occupation for individuals or organizations who are passionate about a particular issue. Protests may also involve people from a variety of professions, such as lawyers, activists, teachers, and artists.

Overall, protests are an important tool for individuals and groups to advocate for change and make their voices heard on important issues.