Slip and ___

Slip and ___ - SLIDE
Slip and ___

Meet Sammy, a curious and adventurous ant who loved to explore the vast world outside his tiny colony. One sunny day, Sammy ventured out of the ant hill and found himself on a steep slope. Excited to see what was at the bottom, he took a step but suddenly slipped and fell!

As he tumbled down the slope, Sammy quickly realized that his slip was actually leading to something fun. He was SLIDING! With each twist and turn, he giggled and squeaked with joy. When Sammy finally reached the bottom, he knew that he had stumbled upon something special.

From that moment on, Sammy taught all of his ant friends how to slide. They built their own little slides in the backyard and enjoyed hours of fun on them. When one of Sammy’s ant friends wanted to go for a ride, he’d say, “Hey, let’s slip and ___!” And that’s how the crossword clue ‘Slip and ___’ became synonymous with the answer ‘SLIDE’ in the ant colony.